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Voodoo Love Spells by the High Voodoo Master John Arkam, President of the Voodoo Council

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What is a Voodoo Spell

The word "spell" comes from Old English spel, meaning a saying, or fable, which is in turn derived from prehistoric Germanic. Thus these "sayings", the incantations of sorcerers, came to mean magical formulae exclusively. Generally, spells are temporary measures adopted to bring about a desired result or turn an event around for the better using magical powers.

To some, spells may be considered a demonic form of prayer originally used in witchcraft. Some religions believe that spells are evil and said to false gods, and are in no way related to hymns and prayers. As far as the Voodoo spells are concerned, this concept of "evil" is often misapplied.

Voodoo is a secretive and misunderstood religion, with its well-deserved reputation for effectiveness of its spells. Voodoo has been a constant source of hope and comfort for the oppressed, giving power to the powerless, wealth to the poor, love to the lonely, and protection to the weak.

The Voodoo, in essence, accomplishes in fact, many seemingly miraculous things which other faiths can only promise.

Voodoo white magic

Before getting into Voodoo spells, it's important to understand a few facts about Voodoo itself. When many people hear the term Voodoo, they automatically think of black magic, dark rituals and bad curses. In truth, Voodoo is simply an African religion and the word itself meaning "spirit". So while there is dark magic associated with Voodoo, there is also white magic operated by Voodoo Priests and Masters.

There are two basic types of magic that's used in Voodoo spells – white magic and black magic. Just as the names indicate, one is good and one is bad. Those who practice the Voodoo Religion understand it's much like Wicca in the fact that what you put out into the world comes back to you. In Voodoo it's important that the energy you send out is positive. Negative energy, or in this case, negative Voodoo spells can have an adverse effect on your life.

Voodoo love spells

Voodoo love spells are rituals performed by a Hougan or Mambo who use the power of Loa to cast aside obstacles that stay in the path of love. During the self-incited trance, the practitioner opens him or herself to the right Loa (usually Aida-Wedo or Damballa). During the trance, the spell caster becomes one with the spirit and gains an ability to channel the spiritual energies to form the desired effects.

Of course, Voodoo love spells require also some physical ways of transmission – most notably, they need a photograph or some items belonging to the subjects of the spell. The love spell effects sometimes take form of some amulet or a potion to be given to the subject of the spell, but it strongly depends on the Hougan or Mambo casting the spell. Normally, the Voodoo operator works through a photograph of the subject and the result of the ritual is to transmit the vibrations directly to the subject.

In Voodoo spells the material components are completely used up during the ritual and the final effects happen regardless of the physical proximity of the subject.

Despite the unique form of Voodoo love spells, their final effects must comply with the six principles of Voodoo. It means that they cannot harm anyone, cause any negative long-term side-effects or trick a love spell subject in any way. Unfortunatelly, the spells cast by Bokors (Voodoo sorcerer for hire who is said to serve Loa "'with both hands", practicing for both good and evil) deviates from these rules.

Working with Voodoo love spells

Over the years, Voodoo has received a bad reputation but it is actually a very powerful form of magic that has been stigmatized by people who do not understand this form of magicWhile casting a love spell, one must absolutely agree that Voodoo is the most powerful form of magic and that the results happen quickly.

The love spell casting process

The people who cast these Voodoo love spells are known as Hougans or Voodoo Priests and Mambos which are Voodoo priestesses. Basically, Hougans and Mambos try to clear the path so that love can pass through from one person to another. Voodoo requires objects of the person who is the object of the spell to be able to communicate his or her subject. And just like in all forms of magic, the Voodoo love spells must abide by certain codes to ensure that they will work such as no harmful side effects will occur.

For those who want to remove any obstacles to love in their lives, or quickly find love, Voodoo love spells are the perfect choiceNot only do these love spells are very powerful, but they do not focus solely on the attraction of love because they also repel any obstacles that are in contradiction with your success in love.

 With a Voodoo love spell, you will be able to create the love life you want, while also learning about the sacredness of love's energy.

Many times, people think a spell is just the recitation of some words and then something happens instantly. In reality a Voodoo love spell - like any other Voodoo ritual- needs a big energy, as well as a very complex organization. A Voodoo love spell need an altar to the deities where putting some offerings to the deities (some flowers or incense or food) and need to add items which might attract the energy of love (for example, some pictures on the altar, a sculpture of a couple in a loving embrace).

Thank to a Voodoo love spells, you can begin to see your love life be more productive and happy than every before. While you might not want to attract a particular lover just yet, attracting love into your life is the best starting point for your new loving life.

Types of Voodoo love spells

Powerful Voodoo love spells come in all kinds of varieties – true love spells, attraction spells, marriage spells, sex and lust spells, romance spells and reuniting spells to name a few.

Millions of people around the world have benefited from the power of Voodoo love spells.

All Voodoo priests know well that there are invisible forces in the world waiting to help us to accomplish whatever we wish. The subject of love is no different, because a Voodoo love spell attracts the powerful forces of good to achieve the goal.

Dr. John Arkam

High Voodoo Master

President of the Voodoo Council

The Voodoo Council

Promoting Voodoo Religion and Ethical Voodoo Practice in the worldThe Voodoo Council is the premier organization for Voodooists and occultists worldwide.

The Voodoo Council is an elite society that welcomes best Voodoo Masters, Voodoo Priests and Occultists from around the world.

The last of the old-time mystic orders of the historic Voodoo religion, the Voodoo Council teaches the art and practice of Voodoo, as well as traditional witchcraft.

The Voodoo Council does not support in any way whatsoever the practice of the Voodoo Bokors, ie all wizards who serve Loa with "both hands", practicing for both good and evil, as well as any African Voodoo Juju.

The Voodoo Council is devoted to the traditional Vodun Spirits and traditional Vodun religion, practiced by the West African Ewe and Fon peoples.


Voodoo Council : Promoting Voodoo Religion and Ethical Voodoo Practice in the World

Voodoo Council : Promoting Voodoo Religion and Ethical Voodoo Practice in the World

Voodoo Council : Promoting Voodoo Religion and Ethical Voodoo Practice in the World