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High Voodoo Master John Arkam, President of the Voodoo Council

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A life devoted to Voodoo

Master John Arkam was born at Stanford CA in 1952 from Italian / American parents. Graduate in Psychology at Stanford in 1977, he co-directed the National Science Foundation Research Center. His work has been published in various European and American scientific journals.

During his long accademic formation, he devoted himself to extensive studies of astrology, reflexology and Eastern esoteric therapies. Then devoted to the study of parapsychology and paranormal phenomena: clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, telepathy and telekinesis.

He then undertook in-depth studies of the Voodoo-Yoruba religion, a people of East Africa who lived in Dahomey in the 18th and 19th centuries. Strongly attracted by the philosophy and the ancestral Voodoo techniques, he moved to Lomé (West Africa), historical heart of the Voodoo religion, where he starts a specific career dedicated to the Voodoo techniques that studies thoroughly. During these years, Master John Arkam acquires an extremely deep experience of Voodoo, with a particular reference to techniques aimed to combating evil. He works in concert with the most powerful African, Brazilian and American Voodoo Masters.

In 1998 Master John Arkam was appointed President of the Voodoo Council and continues to serve as President of the Voodoo Council since that date. An important recognition for his thirty years career devoted to Voodoo. As President of the Vodooo Council, Master Arkam establishes new ethical rules of Voodoo, with a particular reference to the abolition of animal sacrifice, a primitive and obsolete practice that no longer finds any justification in today's society.

Actually, Master John Arkam is one of the few Voodoo Masters able to use the same magical rituals used since immemorial time by the greatest Voodoo sorcerers, whose unique knowledge is secretly kept and transmitted from generation to generation. Thanks to his unique mastery, Master Arkam has gained such a solid experience that he can fight effectively against any form of negativity, even the most extreme.

Thanks to his powers as exorcist and to his vast experience of evil, Master Arkam fights any demonic manifestation, be it a demonic infestation, a demonic oppression or a real demonic possession.

Esoteric adviser for multinationals, sports teams and personalities of finance, show biz, and art, Voodoo Master John Arkam is a world-renowned reference of Voodoo religion and magical arts.

Voodoo as a spiritual force

Voodoo is a positive force, bearing little resemblance to the Hollywood promoted image of people casting evil spells by sticking pins in dolls. Voodoo means the spiritual force that lies within all the expressions of nature.

Voodoo implies the circularity of nature. It explores the connectedness of the web of the activating force of Mother Nature, in all its different expressions, like the natural wilderness, the streams, the wind, the lightening. It is an ancient communion with the essence of the cosmic energy.

Voodoo provides a way to confirm by experiences the truths of this metaphysical reality. Voodoo acknowledges the different planes of existence and their linkages. It details a road map to experience all these realities in this life and beyond.

Dr. John Arkam

High Voodoo Master

President of the Voodoo Council

The Voodoo Council

Promoting Voodoo Religion and Ethical Voodoo Practice in the worldThe Voodoo Council is the premier organization for Voodooists and occultists worldwide.

The Voodoo Council is an elite society that welcomes best Voodoo Masters, Voodoo Priests and Occultists from around the world.

The last of the old-time mystic orders of the historic Voodoo religion, the Voodoo Council teaches the art and practice of Voodoo, as well as traditional witchcraft.

The Voodoo Council does not support in any way whatsoever the practice of the Voodoo Bokors, i.e. all sorcerers who serve Loa with "both hands", practicing for both good and evil, as well as any African Voodoo Juju.

The Voodoo Council is devoted to the traditional Vodun Spirits and traditional Vodun religion, practiced by the West African Ewe and Fon peoples.


Voodoo Council : Promoting Voodoo Religion and Ethical Voodoo Practice in the World

Voodoo Council : Promoting Voodoo Religion and Ethical Voodoo Practice in the World

Voodoo Council : Promoting Voodoo Religion and Ethical Voodoo Practice in the World